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Why Partner with us?

We are a Reliable & Trustworthy Company. We have years of experience & expertise. We believe in partnerships. We aim to be a trusted partner. We have an exceptional Developer team to make new provisions in ValueSoft. We have highly-skilled Service team that always try to provide the highest quality of service to the customers.

Partnership Opportunities

The various types of Partnership opportunities that we offer currently are as below :

become partner with valuesoft

ValueSoft Franchisee Partner

➤  It is not Franchiseship rather it is Ownership.
➤  Any IT hardware/Software Vendors or Accounting Professionals
       or Business Owner can become Franchisee
➤   Should have Office Space and GST registration.
➤   No Security Deposit, Franchise Charges or Hidden Charges
➤   Get Attractive Rate
➤   Get share in AMC from next year in return of support to customers.
➤  Start selling with 4-5 days training.
➤  Online support to Customer will be given by Company.

valuesoft channel partner

ValueSoft Channel Partner

➤  Any IT hardware/Software Vendors, Accounting Professionals, Computer Opertators
       can become Channel Partner.
➤  No need of Office Space or GST registration.
➤   Earn 25% Commission on every successful installation
➤  Start selling with 4-5 days training.
➤  Online support to Customer will be given by Company.

partner with valuesoft

ValueSoft Referral Partner

➤  Provide referrals of interested customers to us.
➤   Earn 10% Commission on every successful Referral

Support to Partners

benefits with valuesoft

➤   A dedicated Training Program will be provided to Partner.
➤   Company will do Digital Marketing through Google,Facebook etc
➤   Telecalling will be done by Company and lead will be given to Franchisee
➤   Dedicated Service team will be available on phone call to support the Customers
➤   Dedicated Service team will be available to support the Customers on TeamViewer/AnyDesk.
➤   The ability to effectively prioritize tasks by online and offline.

Why ValueSoft is Best for your Customers ?

invoice and billing with valuesoft

•  Generate GST Invoice with printing of your choice.
•  Generate e-way Bills, e-invoices with ease
•  Supplier wise entry screen in Purchase for hassle free entry
•  Purchase Invoice Import facility
•  Generate json/csv file of GSTR1, GSTR 3B
•  File GSTR1, GSTR 3B directly from the software
•  Print Bills or any Report on Laser/Inkjet/Dot Matrix printers
•  Mail any Report and Export any report to Excel/PDF
•  Whatsapp Bills, Dues Message to Customer

GST Billing and accounting

•  Vouchar Entry for Bank entry, Expense entry, Journal Entry etc
•   A/c Book, Cash Book, Trial Balance, Trading and P&L, Balance Sheet
•  Cheque/NEFT/RTGS entry from customer or to Supplier
•  Blank Cheque entry to Supplier
•  Supplier Outstanding Report, Customer Dues Report
•  Auto Short List, Company Wise/Supplier Wise Order
•  Area Wise/Party Wise Product Sale
•  Data Export to Tally

eOwner app

•  Data-Freeze facility, user-wise access provision, Log Report
•  Auto Backup of data to Local Computer and Cloud
•  Open any number of Sale/Purchase or report at the same time
•  ValueSoft Owner Mobile App to see real-time data anywhere, anytime
•  ValueSoft eRetail App for customers to give order
•  Backend in MySql
•  Completely resolution independent and full screen software

FAQ's about ValueSoft Partner Program

Is there any cost to become partner?

There is neither any investment nor any upfront fee.

How will I become familiar with ValueSoft Product?

Company will give you initial product training. Company will also organize regular training for more knowledge of ValueSoft. You can also watch youtube channel.

How much time does it take in taking ValueSoft training?

It depends upon you. But training is a continuous process. The more you learn, the more you can satisfy your customers and can increase your earning.

Can I start selling ValueSoft without taking any training?

Yes, you can sell but there are chances that you could not satisfy that customer and it can damage your reputation.

Can I sell ValueSoft outside my sales area?

If you have any contact outside your area and if you can give service to that customer then you can sell software to that customer.

How partner commissions are paid?

Dear Partner, whenever you have to sell a software, you need only to transfer your rate to the company. You will charge full rate from the customer. It is just like your purchase a product and sell it on MRP.

Will Company appoint any new Franchisee in my area?

If you are selling ValueSoft then there is no chance that new Franchisee will be appointed. Company has policy of keeping one franchaise in one area.

What if a customer demands some provisions in software before he buys it.

You will have to share about that provisions to Company before you sale the software to the customer. We will analyse that and then we will inform you about the possibility of that provision.

What will happen if no one is available or free and a new customer wants to purchase ValueSoft?

In that case Company will install the software online on your behalf and will give initial online training to customer.

Will Company take any charge for telecalling or digital marketing?

No, Company will not charge any thing from partners.