GST Software in Patna

We are a software company providing software for GST software Inventory and Accounting control with full GST features in patna. We have software of Pharma, FMCG, Vehicle showroom, Mobile shop, Electric shop, Hardware shop etc. This software is easy to use and easy to understand. This software is very flexible, only the options related to your business will be visible. You can make bills or generate reports in less time compare to other software. This software gives nearly the performance in networking as on server. We have only one version of software in which we provide all the features. Full screen software, SMS feature, Tally export are other features.

GST is the biggest tax reform since independence and a boon to the economy as it will eradicate the shortcomings of the current tax structure and provide a single tax on supply of all goods and services.

  • Eliminating cascading effect of taxes.
  • Tax rates will be comparatively lower as the tax base will widen.
  • Seamless flow of Input tax credit.
  • Prices of the goods and services will fall.
  • Promote a shift from unorganized sector to organized sector