ValueSoft eOwner App to keep Complete Track of your Business

ValueSoft eOwner App is an innovative business application by which an owner gets an access of their business. The distributor can view the business reports and track the salesman. Owner can create salesman id too. Salesman can also use the same.

ValueSoft Mobile App

ValueSoft has three types of mobile apps, one is ValueSoft eOWner, ValueSoft eRetail and another one is ValueSoft CSR. ValueSoft is an android based mobile app which can be used to access ValueSoft data from anywhere, anytime. ValueSoft App facilite to eReatil users to place an order from mobile phones and Owner/Salesman can take order to customer from customer. Owner can view a account ledger, goods ledger, Sale bill, purchase invoice etc. ValueSoft App is designed to receive notifications from ValueSoft anywhere, anytime. ValueSoft User can send reports and stock report information in the form of PDF file to parties/self and broker as well.