WholeSale and Distribution Software

A One Stop Solution for Managing WholeSale and Distribution. This distributor management system has everything you need to efficiently monitor your distribution network. Dedicated modules for warehouse management, inventory handling, purchasing, sales and bookkeeping ensure the steady supply of goods across your value chain.

Inventory wholesale distribution

Inventory Management in Software for wholesaler/distributor

In ValueSoft, distributors can easily view stock summary report and configure it for various periods based on valuation types. They can also check gross profit item-wise or category-wise as per business requirements, and get quick access to stock related reports to know about stock movements and their age. Additionally, it is possible to access and manage stocks batch-wise by using stock groups in ValueSoft

Key features of ValueSoft as WholeSale/Distribution

stock management

Simplified stock management

Organise your stock by product type, brand, colour, size etc. by creating unlimited stock groups and stock categories. This being a small business inventory management software, you can organize the stock the way you want easily.

warehouse management

Warehouse Management

You can control your stock in different warehouse or godowns centrally from ValueSoft inventory. Track item movements, transfer items within warehouse, and generate warehouse specific reports.

Auto cloud backup

Auto-Cloud backup/Server Backup

Upload data online and directly store it in Google Drive/One Drive, Access the data from anywhere and restore the backup as per the requirement.

gstr1 filling from valuesoft

GST filling

Push transactions into the GST portal and directly file returns from ValueSoft.

order management

Order Management

Handle all your sale and purchase activity , manage invoice and bills, and track payment. ValueSoft inventory also helps you monitor packages and shipments keep your deliveries on time.

inventory wholesale distributor


Manage inventory levels, set reorder points to replenish stock. Save your loses due to dump and near expiry

invocing inventory


You can create a professional-looking invoice in seconds and customise it the way it suits your business. You can print your company logo, add or remove the invoice details using the host of invoice configuration and track the receivables easily.

bar code scanning billing/ invoicing

Barcode Scanning

ValueSoft inventory is compatible with different types of barcode scanners which makes it easy to set up a barcode system and add serial and batch number, and items to sale and purchase orders.

batch wise inventory management

Manage inventory batch-wise

You can store and track inventories by lots, batches etc. along with manufacturing and expiry date management. What’s more? The powerful inventory reports such as batch summary, batch-wise ageing, etc. help you stay on top of inventories.

wholesale reports inventory


Know your inventory aging, vendor payments, sale deatils and inventory viluation a range of reports whcih can be generated, downloaded and shared easily.

Purchase import

Purchase Import

Allow to import purchase from any excel or csv format to save your time with 100% accuracy

Dispatch management

Dispatch Management System

Order Printing -> Arranging Goods -> Bill Audit -> Packing -> Delivery. Smooth and Effortless Delivery of goods to your customers. Monitor productivity of your employees. See status of Customer orders in Software/Mobile App. Real time information of orders to your customers.

e-Way bill

E-Way Bill

Easily generate E-way Bill after registering on GST Portal and upload each and every process related to E-Way Bills on Portal itself.



Electronically upload B2B invoices authenticated by Invoice Registration Portal (IRP), Export invoices and Credit/Debit Notes for use on the common GST portal.

ValueSoft- The Complete Wholesale Distribution Software For Small Business

ValueSoft Wholesale Distribution Software for Distribution or Supply Chain is designed to handle all the needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. ValueSoft Wholesale Distribution Software was launched in the market during 2006. Since then ValueSoft Wholesale Distribution Software is committed to provide the best supporting system for the Retail & Distribution Business upgrading itself from time to time according to the market needs. The incomparable After Sales Service and Training Support is the key behind its success.