Best FMCG Distributor Software - Billing, GST, Inventory, Accounting

Valuesoft stands out as a leading FMCG software company in India, delivering exceptional solutions tailored for FMCG distributors. Renowned for its advanced inventory management software, Valuesoft seamlessly integrates accounting features and GST return filing capabilities. As an efficient billing software for distributors, it includes a barcode facility for optimized operations. The mobile app complements the software, providing a seamless FMCG sales experience. Experience the power of Valuesoft through a trial, making it the perfect choice for small businesses with specific requirements. Unlock the full potential of your operations with Valuesoft's comprehensive FMCG software suite.

ValueSoft - A Complete solution for FMCG distributors
Billing Sale

Billing & Sales

  Primary and alternative units for item (ex-Case/Pc).
  Bill Series facility for company wise billing.
  Salesman wise billing. Tax in rate option.
  Multiple discount option like discount%, scheme%, QPS etc
  Product wise scheme entry setting
  Party wise product wise discount setting option.
  Warn on loss/low margin products sale.
  Barcode scanning facility in sale
  Show Item wise profit, Godown wise billing
  Option to send product in short list (for order)
  Show purchase history of products.

FMCG Order management

Purchase Management

  Import purchase from CSV or Excel file
  Supplier Wise entry screen
  Show Purchase History of selected Item
  Multiple Discount column
  Entry Number/Entry Date option
  Short Supply Entry
  Facility to join two or more invoices to one
  Calculation of sale rate on the basis of purchase rate and margin

Accounting Feature

Accounting Feature

   Simple Vouchar Entry
  A/c Ledger, Group Ledger, Bank Reconcillation
  Cash Book, Journal Book, Expense Register
  Trial Blance, Trading & P/L Accounting, Balance sheet
  Average Payment Period Report of customers
  Auto/Manual Outstanding report
  Area wise Customer Outstanding Report
  Supplier Outstanding Report, Due Date Report
  Provision to set credit limit/credit days

Purchase Import

Purchase Import

   Save time and energy by eliminating the manual entry of purchase
  Gives assurance of 100% accuracy
  Provides one-time mapping facility of supplier invoice.
  Import purchase invoice from csv/xls file provided by the supplier.

FMCG Order management

GST Filling & E-Way Bill

  Tax wise and separate GST Ledgers for Input and Output
  GSTR-1 - Export to Excel, CSV format to be used in GST Offline Tool
  GSTR-1 - Export to JSON (section wise or all) for direct upload to GST portal
  Save GSTR1 directly to GST Portal from ValueSoft
  Reconcile GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B with Sales Books.
  Reconciliation of GSTR2A, 2B with Purchase Books :
     facility to reconcile single/multiple months directly from portal
     or, facitlity to reconcile by downloading json file from portal
  GSTR-3B (With excel and JSON export)
  Reverse Charge Machanism (RCM) provision in easy way.
  GST-in and GST-out provision.
  Generate eWaybill and eInvoice easily.

FMCG Order management

Breakage/Expiry Management

  Supplier wise Damage Received report
     based on the breakage/damage received from parties and
      self-breakage during a period
  Specify status of damage to supplier as 'settled, pending, recieved part
      settled and accordingly get report of pending/settled damage list.
  Option of tagging a party to another party (used when firm name is
  Can see purchase history of selected product.
  Two or more Breakage/Damage memo can be joined to one.
  Send Expired or near Expiry Products to self Breakage to deduct stock.
  Report of all or company wise near expiry products (30/60/90.. days)

Expiry Report, Billing Report

Order System

  Order to Supplier - prepares on sale and current stock
      also prepares based on reorder level of product
      facility of suggested quantity, valuation on last purchase detail.
  Order email facility to respective company and its employees
  All Company order- auto preparation of order based on sale and
      current stock.

Export accounting genearte Bill

Dispatch Management

  Order Printing -> Arranging Goods -> Bill Audit -> Packing -> Delivery
  Smooth and effortless delivery of goods to your customers
  Monitor productivity of your employees
  See status of Customer orders in Software/Mobile App
  Real time information of orders to your customers

Expiry Report, Billing Report

Unlimited Reports

  Salesman wise Sale Summary (Loading Sheet)
  Salesman wise Outstanding statement
  Stock report on primary unit/secondary unit.
  Godown wise Stock Report
  Profit Report - Bill wise, of a Party, of a Company
  Daily Transaction Report
  Product Sale summary of a period for a Company / an Area
   Product Purchase Difference Report

Export accounting genearte Bill

Other Features

  Open any number of Sale, Purchase, Report at the same time
  Cheque Printing
  Export of accounting data to Tally
  Printing Facility on Laser/Inket and Dot Matrix
  Set bill print format with Logo, Signature, Watermark
  Reports have option of which column to print, where to print
  Completely resolution independent and full screen software.
  Party wise/company wise/product wise discount settings
  Auto generate bill from order on ValueSoft Owner App

Specially designed and flexible solution to suit your business needs.

ValueSoft Basic Version

  Easy Billing & Invoicing

  Order Features

  Invoice Import Facility

  Inventory Management

  SMS, Mail, Export Facilities

  Breakage & Expiry System

  Daily Transaction

  Profit Report

ValueSoft Standard Version

All Basic Version Features +

  Accounting Entry & Outstanding Reports

  Cheque Printing

  Cash Book, Trial Balance, Trading PL

  GSTR-1,GSTR-3B Report With Filing

  Auto GSTR-2 Invoice Reconciliation

  GST filing, GST statement e-Way bill


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the need and benefits of the FMCG Management Software?

A good FMCG software helps in smooth running of a business. You get all reports related to GST, Accounting, Inventory, MIS report to help you make business decisions. It helps you to know the sale nature of a customer, Inactive Parties, shows purchase history of a product, helps in maintaining the stock level, bill wise profit, expired/near expiry products.

Is it an easy billing software?

Yes, this software is very easy to use. You don't need any technical, accounting or gst knowledge to operate this software. You can make bill, purchase entry etc easily and quickly in few click.

Is it FMCG billing software?

Yes, it is a FMCG billing software with all inventory report, accounting features and gst features. You can file gst return from this software.

Is it free FMCG billing software?

Free option is also available for very small businesses. For others, you pay only when you think this software is good for your needs after you use it for some days.

Can I see reports on my mobile?

Valusoft eOwner App gives you facility of secure access to important business report from a web browser or on anroid device, anywhere and anytime. You or your salesman can take order from mobile and your customer can also give you online order through Valusoft eRetail App.

What is price of FMCG billing software?

We have multiple option for each type of customers. For more please visit Price section.

Is free download available of FMCG billing software?

You can download this software for free.

How will I get support or service after sale?

We have dedicated and highly trained support team to ensure quick response & quick solutions to our customers either telephonically or by remote support.